Metal Gags

Pipe Gag

Function: throat training

Scenes: 3

This gag was an obvious use for the materials that were lying around: pipe and chain. We could have attached the pipe sideways, but we already had wood gags that looked like that. We remembered Louis Kahn's admonition about architectural materials: stone likes an arch, and wood likes a beam. So we thought about pipe's fundamental purpose. Pipe never exists for itself but as a conduit for other things. In this case, it is a conduit to the throat's gag reflex. We like to insert a pump-up dildo that conditions the gag reflex for oral-service training.

We need our sub to be able to perform useful duties while in bondage, so her hands may be free. But even her free hands can't remove the pipe gag because of the way it mounts to the head. All the while, they are helpless and cannot speak.

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